The resurrection of dead dogs in Russia in the 1930s. An unstoppable heart in the US half a century later.
And now in London a hand-made heart attack. How a strange, paradoxical discovery is helping to save lives...

Sunday, 14 February 2010


The Wellcome Trust
Tom Ziessen and Rachel Hillman 

Documentary Filmmakers Group
Deborah Kingsland
Andy Glynne
Jenny Saunders
Mike Horlock
Kerry McLeod
Laura McIntosh
Amber Dobinson

Kevin Hull

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Jan Houldsworth and Julia Marcus
for a Media Prospects Training Grant

Prelinger Archives
for the brilliant 'Experiments in the Revival of Organisms'

The Heart Hospital, London
Michael Burbridge
Felicia Kwaku
Mr John Yap
Dr Bruce Martin
Jason Radley

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, London
Prof Derek Yellon
Dr. Niels Riksen
Marta Paiva
Dr. Vinod Venugopal
Dr. Vivek Sivaraman
Louise Theodorou

... and of course the Science on Film teams!
Khaldoon Ahmed and Dr James Logan with Blood, Tears And Sweat
Sasha Andrews and Jeanne Guiraud with Sound Waves
Steve Jackman and Bala Sirigireddy with Blood Sample
Oonagh Kearney and Adil Akram with Over My Left Shoulder
Nick Rutter and Dr Helen Cooper with Ginger
Dr Barry J. Gibb and Dr Emma Pilgrim with Life Support
Tom Mustill and Sarah Main with First Blood